Map-guided classification of regional land-cover with multi-temporal AVHRR data

TitleMap-guided classification of regional land-cover with multi-temporal AVHRR data
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsStoms, DM, Bueno, MJ, Davis, FW, Cassidy, KM, Driese, KL, Kagan, JS
JournalPhotogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
Date Published1998
Keywordsaccuracy assessment, AVHRR, gap analysis, Intermountain Semidesert ecoregion, map-guided classification, National Vegetation Classification Standards, NVCS, remote sensing

Cartographers often need to use information in existing land-cover maps when compiling regional or global maps, but there are no standardized techniques for using such data effectively. An iterative, map-guided classification approach was developed to compile a spatially and thematically consistent, seamless land-cover map of the entire Intermountain Semi-Desert ecoregion from a set of semi-independent subregional maps derived by various methods. A multi-temporal dataset derived from AVHRR data was classified using the subregional maps as training data. The resulting regional map attempted to meet the guidelines of the proposed National Vegetation Classification Standards for classification at the alliance level. The approach generally improved the spatial properties of the regional mapping, while maintaining the thematic detail of the source maps. The methods described may be useful in many situations where mapped information exists but is incomplete, compiled by different methods, or is based on inconsistent classification systems.

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