Scale dependence of species richness maps

TitleScale dependence of species richness maps
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsStoms, DM
JournalThe Professional Geographer
Keywordsscale gap analysis Idaho GIS biodiversity species richness Intermountain Sagebrush ecoregion Rocky Mountains alpha diversity beta diversity gamma diversity

Mapping patterns of species richness is a longstanding tradition in biogeography and more recently in conservation planning. This paper describes the effects of sampling unit size on patterns of vertebrate richness across landscapes in the Intermountain Sagebrush and Rocky Mountain Forest ecoregions in Idaho. Variability of richness decreased with increasing size of the spatial sampling units at both sites, with greater overall variability in the forested site. Richness in the sagebrush region was best explained by alpha diversity, whereas beta diversity accounted for more of the variability in richness in the forested site.