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Authors Title Year of Publication
P. Armsworth; B. Kendall; F.W. Davis An introduction to biodiversity concepts for environmental economics 2004
F. Austerlitz; C. Dutech; P.E. Smouse; F.W. Davis; V.L. Sork Estimating anisotropic pollen dispersal: A case study in Quercus lobata 2007
K. Beardsley; D.M. Stoms Compiling a digital map of areas managed for biodiversity in California 1993
M. Borchert; F.W. Davis; J. Kreitler Carnivore use of an avocado orchard in southern California 2008
M.I. Borchert; F.W. Davis; J. Michaelsen; L.D. Oyler Interactions of factors affecting seedling recruitment of Blue oak (Quercus douglasii) in California 1989
R.M. Callaway; F.W. Davis Vegetation dynamics, fire, and the physical environment in coastal Central California 1993
R.M. Callaway; F.W. Davis Recruitment of Quercus agrifolia in central California: the importance of shrub-dominated patches 1998
K.M. Chomitz; D.G.A.B. Fonseca; K. Alger; D.M. Stoms; M. Honzák; C.E. Landau; T.S. Thomas; W.W. Thomas; F. Davis Viable reserve networks arise from individual landholder responses to conservation incentives 2006
E.A. Chornesky; A.M. Bartuska; G.H. Aplet; K.O. Britton; J. Cummings-Carlson; F.W. Davis; J. Eskow; D.R. Gordon; K.W. Gottschalk; R.A. Haack; A.J. Hansen; R.N. Mack; M.A. Shannon; L.A. Wainger; T.B. Wigley Science priorities for reducing the threat of invasive species to sustainable forestry 2005
R. Church; R. Gerrard; A. Hollander; D. Stoms Understanding the tradeoffs between site quality and species presence in reserve site selection 2000
R.L. Church; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis Reserve selection as a maximal covering location problem 1996
C.M. D'Antonio; D.C. Odion; C.M. Tyler Invasion of Maritime Chaparral by the Introduced Succulent Carpobrotus-Edulis the Roles of Fire and Herbivory 1993
F. Davis; W.A. Reiners The nature of GAP analysis 1996
F.W. Davis Information systems for conservation research, policy and planning 1995
F.W. Davis GIS and remote sensing applications in biogeography and ecology. Millington, AC. Walsh, SJ. Osborne, PE 2001 2003
F.W. Davis; M.I. Borchert; D.C. Odion Establishment of miscroscale vegetation pattern in maritime chaparral after fire 1989
F.W. Davis; C.J. Costello; D.M. Stoms Efficient conservation in a utility-maximization framework 2006
F.W. Davis; J. Dozier Information analysis of a spatial database for ecological land classification 1990
F.W. Davis; S. Goetz Modeling vegetation pattern using digital terrain data 1990
F.W. Davis; D.E. Hickson; D.C. Odion Composition of maritime chaparral related to fire history and soil, Burton Mesa, Santa Barbara County, California 1988
F.W. Davis; D.S. Schimel; M.A. Friedl; J.C. Michaelsen; T.G.F. Kittel; R. Dubayah; J. Dozier Covariance of biophysical data with digital topographic and land use maps over the FIFE site 1992
F.W. Davis; C. Seo; W.J. Zielinski Regional variation in home-range-scale habitat models for fisher (Martes pennanti) in California 2007
F.W. Davis; P.A. Stine; D.M. Stoms; M.I. Borchert; A.D. Hollander Gap analysis of the actual vegetation of California: 1. The Southwestern Region 1995
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms; S. Andelman Systematic reserve selection in the USA: An example from the Columbia Plateau ecoregion 1999
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms; J.E. Estes; J. Scepan; J.M. Scott An information systems approach to the preservation of biological diversity 1990
F.W. Davis; M. Borchert; D. Rizzo; R. Meentemeyer Forest composition and tree mortality in Big Sur, California 2010
F.W. Davis; D. Stoms Modeling alternative portfolios of conservation sites for the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion 1997
R. Dubayah; J. Dozier; F.W. Davis Topographic distribution of clear-sky radiation over the Konza Prairie, Kansas 1990
C. Dutech; V.L. Sork; A.J. Irwin; P.E. Smouse; F.W. Davis Gene flow and fine-scale genetic structure in a wind-pollinated tree species, Quercus lobata (Fagaceaee) 2005
J. Franklin; F.W. Davis; P. LeFebvre Thematic mapper analysis of tree cover in semiarid woodlands using a model of canopy shadowing 1991
M.A. Friedl; F.W. Davis Sources of variation in radiometric surface temperature over a tallgrass prairie 1994
M.A. Friedl; F.W. Davis; J. Michaelsen; M.A. Moritz Scaling and uncertainty in the relationship between the NDVI and land surface biophysical variables: An analysis using a scene simulation model and data from FIFE 1995
M.A. Friedl; J. Michaelsen; F.W. Davis; H. Walker; D.S. Schimel Estimating grassland biomass and Leaf Area Index using ground and satellite data 1994
R.A. Gerrard; R.L. Church; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis Selecting conservation reserves using species covering models: Adapting the ARC/INFO GIS 1997
R. Geyer; J.P. Lindner; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; B. Wittstock Coupling GIS and LCA for biodiversity assessments of land use: Part 2 Impact assessment 2010
R. Geyer; D.M. Stoms; J.P. Lindner; F.W. Davis; B. Wittstock Coupling GIS and LCA for biodiversity assessments of land use: Part 1 Inventory modeling 2010
D. Grivet; V.L. Sork; R.D. Westfall; F.W. Davis Conserving the evolutionary potential of California valley oak (Quercus lobata Nee): a multivariate genetic approach to conservation planning 2008
L. Hannah; G. Midgley; G. Hughes; B. Bomhard The view from the Cape: Extinction risk, protected areas, and climate change 2005
L. Hannah; G. Midgley; S. Andelman; M. Araújo; G. Hughes; E. Martinez-Meyer; R. Pearson; P. Williams Protected area needs in a changing climate 2007
P. Jantz; S. Goetz Using widely available geospatial data sets to assess the influence of roads and buffers on habitat core areas and connectivity 2008
P. Jantz; S.J. Goetz; C.A. Jantz Urbanization and the loss of resource lands within the Chesapeake Bay watershed 2005
V.J. Meretsky; L. Maguire; F.W. Davis; D. Stoms; M.J. Scott; D. Figg; D.D. Goble; B. Griffith; S.E. Henke; J. Vaughn; S. Yaffee A State-based national network for effective wildlife conservation 2012
S.M. Philpott; O. Soong; J.H. Lowenstein; A.L. Pulido; D.T. Lopez; D.F.B. Flynn; F. DeClerk Functional richness and ecosystem services: bird predation on arthropods in tropical agroecosystems 2009
A.R. Pluess; V.L. Sork; B. Dolan; F.W. Davis; D. Grivet; K. Merg; J. Papp; P.E. Smouse Short distance dispersal patterns of pollen in California valley oak, Quercus lobata (Fagaceae) 2009
C.R. Pyke; R. Condit; S. Aguilar; S. Lao Floristic composition across a climatic gradient in a neotropical lowland forest 2001
C.R. Pyke; K.J. Havens Distribution of the invasive reed Phragmites australis relative to sediment depth in a created wetland 1999
E.W. Seabloom; A.P. Dobson; D.M. Stoms Extinction rates under nonrandom patterns of habitat loss 2002
J.L. Star; J.E. Estes; F. Davis Improved Integration of Remote-Sensing and Geographic Information Systems - a Background to NCGIA Initiative 12 1991
D.M. Stoms Effects of habitat map generalization in biodiversity assessment - Response 1994
D.M. Stoms Scale dependence of species richness maps 1994
D.M. Stoms Validating large-area land cover databases with maplets 1996
D.M. Stoms GAP management status and regional indicators of threats to biodiversity 2000
D.M. Stoms Designing the Ark, 21st-century style 2009
D.M. Stoms Change in urban land use and associated attributes in the Upper San Francisco Estuary, 1990-2006 2010
D.M. Stoms; M.I. Borchert; M.A. Moritz; F.W. Davis; R.L. Church A systematic process for selecting representative Research Natural Areas 1998
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; J.M. Scott Implementation of State Wildlife Action Plans: Conservation impacts, challenges and enabling mechanisms 2010
D.M. Stoms; J.E. Estes A remote sensing research agenda for mapping and monitoring biodiversity 1993
D.M. Stoms; P.A. Jantz; F.W. Davis; G. DeAngelo Strategic targeting of agricultural conservation easements as a growth management tool 2009
D.M. Stoms; J. Kreitler; F.W. Davis The power of information for targeting cost-effective conservation investments in multifunctional farmlands 2011
D.M. Theobald; S.J. Goetz; J.B. Norman; P. Jantz Watersheds at risk to increased impervious surface cover in the conterminous United States 2009
C.M. Tyler; F.W. Davis; B.E. Mahall The relative importance of factors affecting age-specific seedling survival of two co-occurring oak species in southern California 2008
Y. Wang; F.W. Davis Decomposition of polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar backscatter from upland and flooded forests 1997
F.W. Davis; D.E. Quattrochi; M.K. Ridd; N.S.N. Lam; S.J. Walsh; J.C. Michaelsen; J. Franklin; D.A. Stow; C.J. Johannsen; C.A. Johnston Environmental analysis using integrated GIS and remotely sensed data: Some research needs and priorities 1991
F.W. Davis; P.A. Stine; D.M. Stoms Distribution and conservation status of coastal sage scrub in southwestern California 1994
F.W. Davis; C.M. Tyler; B.E. Mahall Consumer control of oak demography in a Mediterranean-climate savanna 2011
D.F.B. Flynn; M. Gogol-Prokurat; T. Nogeire; N. Molinari; B.T. Richers; B.B. Lin; N. Simpson; M.M. Mayfield; F. DeClerck Loss of functional diversity under land use intensification across multiple taxa 2009
S.J. Goetz; P. Jantz; C.A. Jantz Connectivity of core habitat in the Northeastern United States: Parks and protected areas in a landscape context 2009
E.A. Machado; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; J. Kreitler Prioritizing farmland preservation cost-effectively for multiple objectives 2006
J. Michaelsen; D.S. Schimel; M.A. Friedl; F.W. Davis; R.C. Dubayah Regression tree analysis of satellite and terrain data to guide vegetation sampling and surveys 1994
M.A. Moritz Analyzing extreme disturbance events: Fire in Los Padres National Forest 1997
D.C. Odion; F.W. Davis Fire, soil heating, and the formation of vegetation patterns in chaparral 2000
D. Odion; C. Tyler Are long fire-free periods needed to maintain the endangered, fire-recruiting shrub Arctostaphylos morroensis (Ericaceae)? 2002
C.R. Pyke; B. Bierwagen; N. Goldstein Strange bedfellows: Observations on the current relationship between recovery plans and habitat conservation planning 1998
H.M. Regan; F.W. Davis; S.J. Andelman; A. Widyanata; M. Freese Comprehensive criteria for biodiversity evaluation in conservation planning 2007
W.H. Romme; E.H. Everham; L.E. Frelich; M.A. Moritz; R.E. Sparks Are large, infrequent disturbances qualitatively different from small, frequent disturbances? 1998
S. Sarkar; R.L. Pressey; D.P. Faith; C.R. Margules; T. Fuller; D.M. Stoms; A. Moffett; K.A. Wilson; K.J. Williams; P.H. Williams; S. Andelman Biodiversity conservation planning tools: Present status and challenges for the future 2006
J.M. Scott; F. Davis; B. Csuti; R. Noss; B. Butterfield; C. Groves; H. Anderson; S. Caicco; F. D'Erchia; J. T. C. Edwards; J. Ulliman; R.G. Wright Gap analysis: A geographic approach to protection of biological diversity 1993
M.J. Scott; F.W. Davis; G.R. McGhie; G.R. Wright; C. Groves; J. Estes Nature reserves: Do they capture the full range of America's biological diversity? 2001
E.W. Seabloom; J.W. Williams; D. Slayback; D.M. Stoms; J.H. Viers; A.P. Dobson Human impacts, plant invasion, and imperiled plant species in California 2006
C. Seo; J.H. Thorne; L. Hannah; W. Thuiller Scale effects in species distribution models: implications for conservation planning under climate change 2009
V.L. Sork; F.W. Davis; P.E. Smouse; V.J. Apsit; R.J. Dyer; J.F. Fernandez; B. Kuhn Pollen movement in declining populations of California Valley oak, Quercus lobata: where have all the fathers gone? 2002
D.M. Stoms Effects of habitat map generalization in biodiversity assessment 1992
D.M. Stoms; M.J. Bueno; F.W. Davis Viewing geometry of AVHRR image composites derived using multiple criteria 1997
D.M. Stoms; M.J. Bueno; F.W. Davis; K.M. Cassidy; K.L. Driese; J.S. Kagan Map-guided classification of regional land-cover with multi-temporal AVHRR data 1998
D.M. Stoms; P.J. Comer; P.J. Crist; D.H. Grossman Choosing surrogates for biodiversity conservation in complex planning environments 2005
D.M. Stoms; S.L. Dashiell; F.W. Davis Siting solar energy development to minimize biological impacts 2013
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; C.B. Cogan Sensitivity of wildlife habitat models to uncertainties in GIS data 1992
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; C.B. Cogan; M.O. Painho; B.W. Duncan; J. Scepan; J.M. Scott Geographic analysis of California condor sighting data 1993
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; C.J. Costello; E.A. Machado; J. Metz A framework to extend gap analysis to multi-objective conservation planning 2004
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; K.L. Driese; K.M. Cassidy; M.P. Murray Gap analysis of the vegetation of the Intermountain Semi-Desert Ecoregion 1998
D.M. Stoms; G. DeAngelo Socioeconomic patterns of American farmland preservation funded by the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program 2010
D.M. Stoms; W.W. Hargrove Potential NDVI as a baseline for monitoring ecosystem functioning 2000
D.M. Stoms; K.M. Chomitz; F.W. Davis TAMARIN: A landscape framework for evaluating economic incentives for rainforest restoration 2004
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; S.J. Andelman; M.H. Carr; S.D. Gaines; B.S. Halpern; R. Hoenicke; S.G. Leibowitz; A. Leydecker; E.M.P. Madin; H. Tallis; R.R. Warner Integrated coastal reserve planning: making the land-sea connection 2005
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; M.W. Jenner; T.M. Nogeire; S.R. Kaffka Modeling wildlife and other trade-offs with biofuel crop production 2012
D.M. Stoms; J.M. McDonald; F.W. Davis Fuzzy assessment of land suitability for scientific research reserves 2002
J.H. Thorne; J.H. Viers; J. Price; D.M. Stoms Spatial patterns of endemic plants in California 2009
C.M. Tyler; W. Kuhn; F.W. Davis Demography and regeneration of oaks in the foothill woodlands of central California: a review of the scientific literature 2006
C. Tyler; M. Borchert Reproduction and growth of the chaparral geophyte, Zigadenus fremontii (Liliaceae), in relation to fire 2003
S.J. Walsh; F.W. Davis Applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems in vegetation science: Introduction 1994
Y. Wang; F.W. Davis; J.M. Melack Simulated and Observed Backscatter at P-, L-, and C-Bands from Ponderosa Pine Stands 1993
Y. Wang; F.W. Davis; J.M. Melack; E.S. Kasischke; J. Christensen The effects of changes in forest biomass on radar backscatter from tree canopies 1995
Y. Wang; J.L. Day; F.W. Davis Sensitivity of modeled C- and L-band radar backscatter to ground surface parameters in Loblolly pine forest 1998
Y. Wang; J.L. Day; F.W. Davis; J.M. Melack Modeling L-Band Radar Backscatter of Alaskan Boreal Forest 1993
Y. Wang; E.S. Kasischke; J.M. Melack; F.W. Davis; J. Christensen The effects of changes in loblolly pine biomass and soil moisture on ERS-1 SAR backscatter 1994
Y. Wang; J.F. Paris; F.W. Davis Inclusion of a simple multiple scattering model into a microwave canopy backscatter model 1998
A.A. Whipple; R.M. Grossinger; F.W. Davis Shifting Baselines in a California Oak Savanna: Nineteenth Century Data to Inform Restoration Scenarios 2011
J.W. Williams; E.W. Seabloom; D. Slayback; D.M. Stoms; J.H. Viers Anthropogenic impacts upon plant species richness and NPP in California 2005
P. Williams; L. Hannah; S. Andelman; G. Midgley; M. Araujo; G. Hughes; L. Manne; E. Martinez-Meyer; R. Pearson Planning for climate change: Identifying minimum-dispersal corridors for the Cape proteaceae 2005
J. Franklin; F.W. Davis; M. Ikegami; L.E. Flint; A.L. Flint; L. Hannah Modeling plant species distributions under future climates: how fine scale do climate projections need to be? 2012
L. Hannah; P.R. Roehrdanz Climate change, wine, and conservation 2013
L. Hannah Saving a Million Species: Extinction risk from climate change 2012
L. Hannah; C. Costello The impact of climate change on California timberlands. 2011
L. Hannah Climate Change, Connectivity, and Conservation Success. 2011
A Global Conservation System for Climate-Change Adaptation. 2010
L. Hannah Protected areas and climate change. 2008
L. Hannah; R. Dave; P.P. Lowry; I.I. Lowry; S. Andelman; M. Andrianarisata Climate change adaptation for conservation in Madagascar 2008
L. Hannah; G. Midgley Protected area needs in a changing climate 2007
J.R. Malcolm; C.R. Liu Global warming and extinctions of endemic species from biodiversity hotspots 0
L. Hannah; G.F. Midgley The View from the Cape: Exinction risk, protected areas and climate change 2005
L. Hannah; R.A. Betts Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Tropical Forests. Tropical Forest Responses to Climate Change 2005
L. Hannah; L.A. Hansen Designing Landscapes and Seascapes for Change. Climate Change and Biodiversity 2005
C.D. Thomas; A. Cameron Extinction risk from climate change 2004
L. Hannah; G.F. Midgley Conservation of Biodiversity in a Changing Climate 2002
L. Hannah; G.F. Midgley Climate change-integrated conservation strategies 2002
L. Hannah The Role of a Global Protected Areas System in Conserving Biodiversity in the Face of Climate Change 2001
L. Hannah; D. Lohse A Preliminary Inventory of Human Disturbance of World Ecosystems 1994
T. Nogeire; F.W. Davis; J.M. Duggan; K.R. Crooks; E.E. Boydston Carnivore Use of Avocado Orchards across an Agricultural-Wildland Gradient 2013
J.R. Dingman; L.C. Sweet; I. McCullough; F.W. Davis; A.L. Flint; J.F. Franklin; L.E. Flint Cross-scale modeling of surface temperature and tree seedling establishment in mountain landscapes 2013
J.P. Serra-Diaz; J. Franklin; M. Ninyerola; F.W. Davis; A.D. Syphard; H.D. Regan; M. Ikegami Bioclimatic velocity: The pace of species exposure to climate change 2014
F.W. Davis; E.A. Chornesky Adapting to climate change in California 2014

Theses & Dissertations

Authors Title Year of Publication
J.L. Day Variability of Microwave Backscatter from Loblolly Pine Forest and the Implications for Forest Biomass Estimation with Imaging Radar 1999
B.W. Duncan Utilizing GIS technology to combine regional physiognomic and floristic vegetation maps 1990
M.A. Friedl Correspondence between remotely sensed data and land surface energy balance over a tallgrass prairie 1993
M.V. Gray A Digital Multipurpose Vegetation Map for the Colorado Desert of California 1994
A.D. Hollander A GIS framework for modelling wildlife species distributions 1998
J. Kreitler Ecosystem services and cost-effective conservation planning 2011
J.P. Lindner Development of an indicator for biodiversity consideration in Life Cycle Assessment 2008
D. Odion Effects of variation in soil heating during fire on patterns of plant establishment and regrowth in maritime chaparral 1995
C.R. Pyke Floristic composition of a neotropical forest across a climatic gradient in lowland Panama 1999
C.R. Pyke Modeling vernal pool hydrologic regimes and assessing their sensitivity to climatic and land-use change 2002
D.M. Stoms Mapping and monitoring regional patterns of species richness from geographic information 1991
J.H. Thorne Gap Analysis: The vegetation of Northwestern California 1997
R.E. Walker Investigation in vegetation map rectification, and the remotely sensed detection and measurement of natural vegetation changes 2000
M. Bueno Quantification of Cartographic Generalization in Land Cover Maps Using Spatial Pattern Index Measurements Derived from Digital Satellite Imagery 1992
C.B. Cogan Quantitative Analysis of Habitat Use by the California Condor 1993
N.C. Goldstein The Predictive Modeling of Endangered Plant Species in the Santa Monica Mountains Using a Knowledge Base Approach 2000
L.E. Harvey Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of a Blue Oak Woodland 1989
M.D. Jennings Toward a Better Understanding of Vegetation Alliances 2003
M.A. Moritz Controls on disturbance regime dynamics: Fire in Los Padres National Forest 1999
T. Nogeire Wildlife Habitat Use in Agriculture-Dominated Landscapes 2011
M.O. Painho Modeling errors in digital landuse/land cover maps 1992
J.L. Saleta Stand discrimination in a western coniferous forest using AIRSAR data 1995
P.A. Stine A multi-scale conservation assessment of plant communities in Southern California 1995
R.S. Taylor A Natural History of Coastal Sage Scrub in Southern California: Regional Floristic Patterns and Relations to Physical Geography, How It Changes Over Time, And How Well Reserves Represent Its Biodiversity 2004
K.A. Thomas Vegetation and Floristic Diversity in the Mojave Desert of California: A Regional Conservation Evaluation 1996
P. Jantz Dynamic metropolitan landscapes: Residential development and vegetation change in the U.S. 2012
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Conference Proceedings

Authors Title Year of Publication
R.L. Church; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; B.J. Okin Planning management activities to protect biodiversity with GIS and an integrated optimization model 1996
J. Cloud; R.S. Taylor The curious case of the Santa Rosa Island pedestals 2000
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms Gap analysis of biodiversity in California 1991
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms Spatial decision support systems for wildlife conservation planning 2001
N.C. Goldstein Using a knowledge base approach to develop a predictive mapping program for endangered species reconnaissance 2000
M.A. Moritz; F.W. Davis A method for examining patterns in mapped fire histories: identification of homogeneous fire landscapes 1997
M. Moritz; D.M. Stoms; M.I. Borchert; F.W. Davis A proposed protocol for identifying potential Research Natural Areas with Gap Analysis data 1997
V.L. Sork; F.W. Davis; R.J. Dyer; P.E. Smouse Mating patterns in a savanna population of valley oak, Quercus lobata Neé 2002
D.M. Stoms Integrating biodiversity into land use planning: Research contributions 2001
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; P.A. Stine; M. Borchert Beyond the traditional vegetation map towards a biodiversity database 1992
C.M. Tyler; B.E. Mahall; F.W. Davis; M. Hall Factors limiting recruitment in valley and coast live oak 2002
R.E. Walker; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; J. Wagtendonk Modeling vegetation cover types from a topographic gradient in the southern Sierra Nevada 1992
R.E. Walker; D.M. Stoms; J.E. Estes; K.D. Cayocca Relationships between biological diversity and multitemporal vegetation index data in California 1992
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Technical Reports

Authors Title Year of Publication
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms; P.A. Jantz Natural resource condition assessment: John Muir National Historical Site 2014
F.W. Davis Position statement on GIS and global change (Research Initiative 15: Multiple roles for GIS in US Global Change Research) 1995
F.W. Davis Comparison of Late Seral/Old Growth Maps from SNEP Versus the Sierra Biodiversity Institute 1996
F.W. Davis; R.W. Brown Vegetation Change in Blue Oak and Blue Oak/Foothill Pine Woodland 1995
F.W. Davis; A.D. Hollander An integrated geographic information system for modelling wildlife species distributions 1995
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms; P.A. Jantz Natural resource condition assessment: Pinnacles National Monument 2013
F.W. Davis; D.M. Stoms; P.A. Jantz Natural resource condition assessment: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area 2013
F.W. Davis; R.E. Walker Investigations into the use of airborne multispectral images for estimating conifer mortality in Sierran montane forests 1993
W.R. Ferren; F.W. Davis Biotic Inventory and Ecosystem Characterization for Fish Slough, Inyo and Mono Counties, California 1991
M.F. Goodchild; F.W. Davis; M. Painho; D.M. Stoms The Use of Vegetation Maps and Geographic Information Systems for Assessing Conifer Lands in California 1991
L. Hannah; C. Costello; C. Guo; L. Ries; C. Kolstad; N. Snider The Impact of Climate Change on California Timberlands 2009
J. Helly; T. Case; F. Davis; S. Levin; W. Michener The State of Computational Ecology 1995
E.A. Machado; D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis A systematic framework for prioritizing farmland preservation 2003
B.E. Mahall; F.W. Davis; C.M. Tyler Santa Barbara County Oak Restoration Program: August 1994 - August 2005 2005
C. National Research Adaptive Monitoring and Assessment for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan 2003
H.M. Regan; F. Davis; S.J. Andelman; P. Dangermond; S. Gergel; M. Glickfeld; E. Pert; P. Stine; D. Stoms Report of NCEAS/CCRISP Workshop on Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Criteria 2001
D.M. Stoms Linking GIS and reserve selection algorithms: Towards a geospatial data model 2003
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis Pilot Studies for Southern California: Synoptic National Assessment of Comparative Risks to Biological Diversity and Landscape Types 1994
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis; R.L. Church; R.A. Gerrard Economic Instruments for Habitat Conservation 2002
D.M. Stoms; W.A. Kuhn; F.W. Davis; C.A. Final Report to the Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition and Evaluation of Data Sets for Comparative Assessment of Risk to Biodiversity on a Continental Scale: Threats to Biodiversity 1998
D.M. Stoms; W.J. Okin; F.W. Davis Preserve Selection Modeling in the Columbia Plateau 1997
D.M. Stoms Spatial Analysis for a Potential UCLA Tejon Reserve: Notes of the Tejon Reserve Working Group 2006
D.M. Stoms; F.W. Davis Defining a marginal value function for setting conservation priorities in NatureServe Vista 2005
D.M. Stoms; J.M. McDonald; F.W. Davis Knowledge-based site suitability assessment for new NRS reserves for the proposed UC Merced campus 2000
E.S.A.U.S. Board Advisory on EPA’s Regional Vulnerability Assessment Program 2005
E.S.A.U.S. Board Review of the EPA Region 6 Geographic Information System Screening Tool (GISST) 2006
S.B. Weiss Impacts of Nitrogen Deposition on California Ecosystems and Biodiversity 2006
D.M. Stoms; T.M. Nogeire; F.W. Davis Biofuels and Biodiversity in California: A Framework for Conducting a Trade‐Off Analysis 2010
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