Decision Support for Conservation of Biodiversity

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The UCSB project is one of 14 domestic and international research projects funded by the IBM Environmental Research Program. The project was funded from 1993 to 1997. The goal of this project was to design and test a prototype Spatial Modeling and Decision Support System for Conservation of Biological Diversity. The project is closely tied to the USGS-Biological Resources Division's Gap Analysis Program and to related efforts at multi-species conservation planning in southern California and the Sierra Nevada. The specific project objectives and results were:

  • Design and enable a prototype "regional" computing facility for storage, analysis and visualization of biodiversity data.
  • Program a set of specific software applications to support national (and potentially international) gap analysis.
  • Conduct a conservation gap analysis of the Intermountain Semi-Desert Ecoregion over nine western states.
  • Develop applications for monitoring wildlife habitats using multi-temporal satellite imagery.
  • Develop software to support reserve siting and reserve design and apply it to reserve design in southern California and the Sierra Nevada.

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Final Report


Frank W. Davis

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October, 1994 to September, 1997

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